Open Season Band


Excited to see them return to the Mountain, with their distinctive style - some great pickers here! Boot stompin', hootin' and hollerin', good old-fashioned fun, a mix of traditional and modern country. They have a great clip-just out-with their latest song! (its a beauty) find them on Spotify- our Bony Mountain Backdrop-in the clip! Book your spot now! This Brisbane group are developing a big following!

Warwick Pipe Thistle Band

Bony Mountain has certain elements that make it special - and the Warwick Pipe Thistle Band is one. They are an iconic part of the festival. It is traditional they do a march in - pipes piping, drummers drumming, splendid in their tartan kilts, and often all lit up! They bring so much each and every year. We appreciate their effort, their playing and their dedication.

Norma O'Hara Murphy


Norma invites you all to join her at her place! Soak up the bush and all it has to offer. The perfect retreat, for a lay back, relaxed week. This year Norma, a much traveled International artist and award winner (now retired), no longer tours- Norma has been described as a national treasure and has won many awards- an Aria finalist- several Golden Guitars, Australian Celtic Artist of the year in 2014 and many more. Norma's story is a long one, but after forty + years Norma is happy to be retired from touring. Bony Mountain Festival is the one big project that keeps Norma busy all year! And the only place fans can catch a (live performance) from this much loved Songwriter. Norma's web site is back up & running now! Norma's brand new single (Kosciusko) now released with the Video Clip- the new Album (Rodeo Collection) volume two-out before Xmas!

Allan Caswell


He has been a Golden Guitar finalist now a total of 44 times! At the 2018 Tamworth Country Music Festival Allan Caswell was inducted into the prestigious Galaxy of Stars. It was recognition for the huge contribution he has made to Australian Country Music as a songwriter, performer, record producer and author. His latest Album will be featured- (Grumpy Old Pickers Like Us - pictured) featuring some great new songs. Allan will present (The Secrets of Songwriting) on his set!

Mick Angeles

Mick Angeles is a long-time member of our Bony Mountain crew. He has been running ukulele workshops and entertaining us with his wonderful music for many years. His fabulous teaching skills have started many on a musical journey. And after his uke classes all week he still manages to give us a song or two. Don’t miss the Sunday performance put on by his many students. Don’t forget to bring your ukelele!

Brian Stitt


Brian is a one of a kind. He started his musical career late in life, but don't be fooled, he is a creative grass roots singer/songwriter who really draws in a crowd. He is one of the best. His song -Corn, Potatoes & Sheep is a classic. Really got our crowd going last year! plays a cool banjo! Norma & Brian will be doing a Duet this year!

Steve Passfield

Steve is our sound engineer again for 2023. We are excited to welcome him back! He is also a very capable guitarist and performer. His family originally arriving in Australia on the Scarborough, as part of the First Fleet, Steve’s family has a genetic disposition to making noise. Some with trucks & chainsaws, others branding cattle, milking cows or ploughing fields, but few have achieved what Steve has in the world of music. Call him Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Swing or Country Rock - his music is eclectic. With a growing list of awards, including a coveted Golden Guitar, to his name, Steve proves that persistence and passion pays off! An independent musician with many “strings to his bow” Steve is based in Sydney.

Errol Gray

Errol is part of the Bony Mountain family- here at the Mountain, always good for a laugh with his crazy songs about Handbags, Dunny Rolls, Centrelink and many, many more. Settle back and enjoy this unique Aussie character in the perfect bush setting! Every morning from FRiday on- part of the bush brekkie with Gary Fogarty!

Gary Fogarty

Bush Poet

Gary is our Anchor man-our bush poet and all round good bloke. He has run the Bush Breaky at Bony Mountain since year one! Get your morning coffee & settle in for some great yarns, poems and much more!

Ged & Trudy Hintz


Ged & Trudy have been coming to the Mountain since we began. A popular duo-Songwriters/performers- on the road all year- and a crowd favorite! They are releasing a brand new single this year, this talented pair are back with a new Album. Their latest release is - Gum Tree Waltz -! I also love Trudy's album- Songs My Mother Sang! its a cracker!



Micks Ukulele School has grown beyond expectations! He is also a valuable Performer every year gives his best! A very talented bloke! The Ukulele School kicks off every Tuesday-12th -runs all week! Al welcome -register at HQ on arrival.

The Bony Mountain Boys with Andy Redfern


The Bony Mountain Boys make their first appearance as our resident Band. Consisting of several Members- a bunch of (old pros) featuring Banjo/Guitar/Vocals/Fiddle and much more. Colourful characters-with a mix of Bluegrass/Country/Hillbilly music that comes from the mountains! the valleys! the outback & beyond!


Celtic Band

A real taste of Ireland - born in Ireland brewed in Australia - their take on it. Get out your dancing shoes, your party hats and your tissues. We welcome them to Bony Mountain, they will cover all your favourite Irish songs! Have a great version of Whiskey in the Jar. A classic Celtic Band featuring some great fiddle! A classic bush dance! will feature as part of their weekend performances!

Norma O'Hara Murphy


A fabulous Celtic group-Irish fiddle-Irish songs- headed up by Alan Kelly-a dynamic/energetic bunch to get your feet tapping & your heart pumping!