Hello Potential Volunteers, 

We are starting to plan what the festival will look like in 2023. Regardless of this being your first festival volunteering, or yet another year in a long involvement with the festival, we would love to welcome you for 2023.

Each year we learn more about what it takes to run a great festival, and each year while the challenges may change, we aim to get better at how we get everything done.

In 2023 we are planning some changes to the way we run the festival, and as a volunteer we want to let you know what we are planning that is different to previous festivals.

This year, we want to get better at coordinating and sharing the volunteer work around. We are appointing a Site Manager to coordinate the volunteer teams. Kent has agreed to do this - many of you may already know him from prior festivals. We want to split up the work into six small teams, each with their own team leader. The team leader will have a little bit extra responsibility in order to coordinate the team's daily activities.

We need to also make sure that being a volunteer is a fun and rewarding experience. That could mean if you would like to try and learn something new, then as a Site Management Team we will try to find a way to make that happen. You might like to learn to ride a quad and help with the parking, drive a ute to water the roads, or you are a budding pyro who would enjoy lighting and tending the fires of a night. Or maybe you just want to try something different for just one day. If so, then we would like to think we could create the opportunities to make these things happen. Instead of the front gate all day, perhaps your preferred break is a couple of hours at HQ listening to the artists. Of course, you would like a few hours to just put your feet up from time to time.

We are building a plan to try and achieve this.... but we won’t swamp you with the details just yet. For now, if you think that you would like to come and be a part of volunteering at the 2023 festival, or if you like the idea of maybe doing something new and being part of a supportive and well-oiled machine which will pull off another successful festival, we would love to have you aboard.

If you could complete the Volunteer Application form below, this will start to give us a good idea of how well we are likely to be positioned for 2023.

We look forward to meeting you.

 Norma and the team



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