•  10/08/2023 10:16 AM

From all over Australia they come-step up & perform! Bushies, Townies! Travellers, Tourists, from WA- SA-VIC-NT- Tassie even NZ ! We love to see them all. We have a couple of special Local Legends, who perform every year! Eunice & Dubbo- both veterans in their eighties. They are an inspiration to me! I keep thinking I'll quit! but every year they step up & make me realize! That the crowd appreciate everyone, we have wonderful crowds here- and they just enjoy it all!


  •  14/07/2023 01:42 AM

Mick is our Ukulele Master- he has built up a mighty following! The Ukulele Shack- a special place to be- for new friends/old mates and to learn to play. By the end of the week you are all up onstage-playing like a trooper! Do come and join us !


  •  3/07/2023 01:50 PM

Our Pirates have been a big favourite at Bony Mountain-come & join the kids for a Pirate Parade- Treasure Hunt- Saturday is family day, bring the kids- (free entry)


  •  3/07/2023 01:36 PM

In our first year-we had the Legendary (Sheik of Scrubby Creek) -plus many others- I am very grateful to all my mates in the music business supporting the Festival! Terry Gordon was our first MC- Gary Fogarty has stepped up & been our MC most years! Cape Byron Dance group-were amazing! Warwick Pipe Thistle Band! Warwick Choral Society- Wheatvale School- local CWA groups-our local Council & the Community in general- we are very lucky to have their support! Looking back today-it seems so long ago the year 2000-when the Old Fj was released!


  •  2/05/2023 05:20 PM

Apologies for my absence-great to be back- and back on the new Web Site- so click on our link- tune in- Bony Mountain Radio is now back online- bringing you 24/7 Country music (mostly Australian) . Featuring latest releases- from our Bony Mountain Festival favorites! plus many Aussie classics- & American classics! Norma will be back (live) every Monday- from 9AM- with her own special mix of Country/Celtic/Bluegrass show. During the next few months- we are hoping to get Interviews with our Artists- check our Artists page on the Web Site-and a big hello-to all our International listeners- we have supporters in Ireland- Canada-USA, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, and much more! and of course from all over Australia! we invite you to leave messages, here-say gooday, requests etc . And of course previews of Bony Mountain Festival. Please join me from where ever you are! while I play all my favourites!


  •  12/04/2023 03:57 PM

Very proud of our Festival site! it is a delightful bush setting- all well grassed- lots of shade! or not? your choice . Norma is an avid garden lover- a tree nut & so the gardens are an ongoing project at the Festival grounds-our new undercover facility offers opportunities for pots-plants-and so things are evolving! A few of our patrons have donated plants! (purple Iris) (Bromiliads) and much more! Geraniums -We welcome plant donations! ! We are on 50 acres so plenty of room-for big rigs-fifth wheelers-coaches -Tents , Trucks , etc We welcome large groups, but please book ahead, so we can prepare! If you want a favourite Camp, then please book! If you are a large group please book! you can book online here! Cheers Norma xxx

Highlights from past years

  •  15/04/2020 12:00 AM

Our 13th Festival this year, what a milestone! we have come through drought-Bush fires-Floods & Covid! Only missed one year- For 2023 a great lineup of talent once again! Ours is only a small Festival- no long ques-no waiting for service! great home cooked food- a relaxed -lay back friendly Festival- our Ukulele School- our Doggie Parade on our Super Sunday -featuring this year -big Market day on Sunday-with lots of local Crafts-stalls-food etc so much fun - I believe it is unique -not to be missed ! We have succeeded only because of all of you wonderful troupers/travelers without your support! we could not have come this far . Looking back on our Festivals since 2011- Norma & the team are very proud to once again present Bony Mountain Festival. September -15-16-17- our gates open on Sept 11th. Pratten Fire Brigade-& Norma enjoying Festival last year !

Updates & news for you

  •  4/03/2020 12:00 AM

OPEN SEASON- BARLEYSHAKES! SIMPLY BUSHED - wow! what a great lineup! first time here for Simply Bushed & Barleyshakes-so we will give them a big welcome! , SIMPLY BUSHED -these blokes are as Aussie as it gets- with some great Original songs -great players- They have some Iconic songs- featured on UTUBE- . A mix of real Aussie Country and real down to earth music ! Barleyshakes- the real mcoy! Irish/Celtic group- can't wait to have them here! All artists will have product for sale! at HQ

The battle for the Brumbies

  •  15/01/2020 12:00 AM

Our magnificent Snowy Mountain Brumbies- are disappearing fast! Over the years many crack TBs were turned out to improve the breed. But also Timor Ponies, heavy Horses-overall they have evolved into a unique breed- hardy, strong, intelligent- I own two Kosioscko mares. rescued from (the bullets) Dolly & Brandy-you can meet them both in September! Quite a few Brumby Rescue groups - maybe donate if you can! it all helps!