Phil Buddle


Phil has been involved in Community Radio for a few years! He has spent years as a professional Sound Engineer- as Norma's Tour Manager/Soundman. Phil enjoys a wide range of music- he is the Programmer & we have a huge Library.

Donnie Maher


Donnie has over 25 years in Community Radio- President of Rainbow FM in Warwick- he is a dedicated Country music tragic! He presents several shows a week- Friday from 8am- Sunday 8AM- a totally Country mix- of Bush Balladeers- Celtic & Country mostly Australian.

John Elliot

Presenter/Coordinator/Tech support

John is a retired law enforcement officer- is also a past President of RainbowFM in Warwick for over 25 years. John enjoys more of a middle of the road mix- 60s-70s- Rock and pop. Saturday from 12-til 3pm- showtime- bringing a great mix of hits- John has a wide knowlege of the music & a huge library of all sorts of music! but also appreciates Country.

Norma O'Hara Murphy


Bony Mountain Radio was created to compliment Bony Mountain Festival - and support the Artists who perform. Norma presents a real mix of mostly Australian artists/Songwriters/Celtic Bands/Country Bands/new releases- Bush poetry-comedy Norma tries to feature artists & music you will not hear anywhere else! As well as some Aussie classics-