Where do I empty my greywater?   Greywater to the ground, please filter as much as possible. 

Where do I empty my blackwater?   The truck will be around each day to empty the portaloos. They will also empty your canisters.

 Can I camp in a group?    Name your group and note it when you book. We will do our best to place you together.  However, to make it easier, why not meet up the road and enter the site together!

 Is there power?    No power-unless a medical issue-power can be arranged!  There is power available at HQ to charge your phones for a nominal fee.

 Can I get water?    We have both drinking water and non-drinking water. Bring your own water containers. 

Toilets and Showers?   There will be portaloos scattered around the campsite and showers are available in the property next door.

Generators?     Only allowed in the outer areas (away from the stage) and between the hours of 9.30am and 9.30pm.


Can I bring my dog?   Your small dog is welcome but as we have a lot of wildlife they must be on a leash at all times. We ask that you respect your fellow festival goers and pick up all your pet's droppings.

What food is there available? There will be various food trucks around on the weekend to buy prepared meals. Our famous (Shack) has fillet steaks, hamburgers, hot breakfast. 

 Can I come for the day? Yes, see the booking page. 

Can I leave the grounds? On arrival you will be given a wristband for yourself and a sticker for your car. The gates will be closed on dark each night during the week. 

Is there seating at the stage? Bring your own chair. You are welcome to leave your chairs to the sides of the marquee if you are leaving for a length of time. Groups can be catered for with seating ? but you must book in.

Security measures- Our gates close at approx 6pm. If you want a late entry, you must make arrangements .

  • 1107 Upper Wheatvale Road, Upper Wheatvale QLD, Australia