A NEW YEAR-2024 imageA NEW YEAR-2024 imageA NEW YEAR-2024 image
January has been another great month for rain, although very hot! our hottest I think?  But the rain ensures all is green, the horses are fat, my garden is loving it, the trees,the corridors, all looking fabulous! I must get some new photos up-  Got a great bunch of Volunteers here! enjoying the company & the progress, Wonderful to see my gardens all weeded & looking amazing!  We will be planting more Agapanthus! my Margerite Daisy flowering! And the little native shrubs coming along!  Jacko- our resident Cockatoo (cannot fly) ? so he now has a new tree in his big cage!  Big branches off a River Gum- Cannot believe how fast Xmas went!  loved Christmas with the family- always fantastic! making memories!  So to our Bony Mountain family- our Artists- our Volunteers-our mates, and all our supporters! hope you all had a simply super Christmas & we leap into 2024! 
  Luv you all Norma xxxx
Three generations- Norma-Daughters -Niki & Michelle & Grand daughter Sarah! -  Norma with Rodeo Queens! & the Big Red Truck!