We had beautiful rain-since November- still raining now in February!  at Bony Mountain! great weather, and rain, beautiful rain! So the garden has gone mad- lots of birds, bottle brush flowering, honey myrtles, the birds are loving all that. Lots of garden jobs, plantings , mulching, the horses are going well, I have been involved in the battle for the brumbies, our poor old brumbies, cannot believe what is happening! But there are a solid group of us, all fighting hard!  I'm doing what I do, written a song (Kosciusko) also a video clip-to get the message out there. Available on Utube- (check it out) we try to educate people on what is going on? If you are interested go to my new web  It is much more than just about our Heritage horses, it covers the Pioneers, the History ,with stories & photos from the 1800s. I have two little Kosciusko mares, Brandy & Dolly-  All the dry & the bush fires seem so far away now! A field of poppies ! My own personal Web Site- with my music Catalogue-WWW.NORMAOHARAMURPHY.COM