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 DETAIL ON OUR FEATURED BANDS COMING SOON- WARWICK PIPE THISTLE BAND ALWAYS A HIGHLIGHT! AND OUR HOSTESS- NORMA O'HARA MURPHY- WILL PERFORM FOR 2024 - BARLEYSHAKES RETURN- OPEN SEASON RETURN- BRIAN STITT- ERROL GRAY- ALLAN CASWELL- GARY FOGARTY- GED & TRUDY- Some new faces are yet to be confirmed! Had heaps of applications- love to bring them all- but we will include as many as we can -on our budget! We really appreciated Council support in 2023- enabled us to bring in some top artists! There are some exciting possibilities for 2024- lets see how it all unfolds! 
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We are proud of our little festival in the bush, now our 14th year! Our gates open on September 2024 -Monday 16th- we follow Nanango- We kick off with our Walk Up Program on Tuesday - (with Rob & Dawn-) well known duo - who will provide any backing for all Artists- Guitar/Bass .-Also our Ukulele School (with Mick Angeles) which has a big following! On Thursday our traditional Welcome Concert which usually includes Norma O'Hara Murphy (our Hostess) and invited friends! There will also be a brand new event! BONY MOUNTAIN  COMEDY CLUB on our Super Sunday for 2024- Walk Ups invited- $20 entry- special trophies Awarded. If you fancy you can make us all laugh! do come & join us!  ENTRIES PLEASE! by Thursday 19th Sept- ! Everyone will get 30 mns!  But the Judges will have a gong?   
Our Camping extends from Monday 16th- to Monday 23rd- special early bird deals-go to bookings.
DAY  ENTRY FEES- NO COST FOR Tuesday/Weds/Thursday- WEEKEND FEES $20 PP- kids free .