03 Jul

We are very proud to have brought some of Australia's best to Bony Mountain! Our first year- was (THe Sheik) Chad Morgan- Murphy's Pigs-Hill Billy Goats- String loaded- (shown here) The Coads- our best Balladeers- Keith Jamieson- Jeff Brown- Songwriters- our Hostess Norma O'Hara Murphy- Alan Caswell- Brian Stitt, Merv Maltman, and many more! In the year 2015-we unveiled a huge Sandstone Monument- as a tribute to Slim Dusty. We were thrilled to feature Anne Kirkpatrick (daughter) - Diane Lindsay (niece) & this captures the moment!  My mate (June Underwood) captured a lot of these highlights! taking some of the best photos of our Artists onstage! 

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