15 Jan

Norma has launched her brand new single(Kosciusko ) a tribute to the Snowy Mountain Brumbies -who are being driven out of their home, by corrupt Government groups-  slaughtered for no reason!  The Brumbies are a unique breed-  a mix of many breeds- over the years Timor Ponies- Thoroughbreds-even Suffolk Punch was added to the mix- but it has made these horses quite unique. They were used as remounts in the First world war- by their thousands, - and created the legend of the Lighthorse, famous for their strength, endurance, and many Diggers owed their lives to these tough, fearless horses, who sailed away-never to return to their beloved Mountains. They are part of our History, our heritage ,they are being culled/shot /left to die, it is a grim situation! why can't they be left in peace on the Mountain ranges.    There are many different groups situated in Victoria and NSW - their history is well documented and they each have developed along their own lines! Also many dedicated people /groups of people saving-supporting the Brumby cause-  from all around Australia . I find it fascinating and have contacted as many as I can- to get the stories, the history and to try to help in any way I can- I figure as a Songwriter I can best help-with my songs. We will have T Shirts- maybe booklets- my song is now released on (volume two) of my Rodeo Collection ,out now.   We will be fund raising for the cause during the Festival-and very grateful for any support!   Luv Norma xxx

Go to my new web site- www.bonymountainbrumbies.com 

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