04 Mar

 Loving this gorgeous Autumn/Winter weather- we are so spoilt here-our days are sunny-warm,our nights we enjoy our fires!  I do feel we have one of our best line ups ever !( I say that every year) but with four Bands coming- all different, all special- I always feel excited about them all performing here- and the word is out!  So many artists wanting to come now- so we must be doing something right!  Neil -our Grants Officer is working hard on some funding- fingers crossed we will get some assistance this year- it makes all the difference. We do want to bring you the very best entertainment we can, a real smorgasbord, with a mix of Country/Celtic/Bluegrass and Hillbilly- Introducing our feature bands- Simply Bushed- are as Aussie as it gets- find them on UTUBE!  Also Barleyshakes-from Brisbane- their version of (Whiskey in the Jar!) on UTUBE. are an excellent Celtic group- Open Season -from Brissie- a real crowd pleaser- a mix of Bluegrass/Country and some great Pickers.  Bony Mountain Boys (our resident band- a mix of Country/Hillbilly and more.  I feel we are so privileged they all want to come & play at Bony Mountain!  To be honest -we get hundreds of applications every year! and we do try to support (new talent) new Bands, but we are limited with our budget! I wish we could bring them all to you. Our Walk up program will kick off on Tuesday morning- (with Ken & Annie) there will be back up for any artists if needed. Phil-our Secretary- was my Sound man for twenty years! will be doing Sound for Walk Ups again - Captain Jack could be returning!  for our kiddies-on Sat-a Treasure Hunt- all the fun & games of a Pirate ship? Free face painting- lolly shop etc 

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