15 Apr

This year- 2024 will be the 14th year of our Festival- so many special moments- thanks to our wonderful Grants Officer- Neil-we now have a permanent Marquee- so an all weather venue! so many highlights over the years- - I hope you were there for them- I am so proud of our team- our wonderful Volunteers- who saddle up every year- some of us are wearing down (specially me) but the passion keeps us going- I like to think Bony Mountain will continue for another 10 years ? or more! We will keep opening our gates and our hearts to anyone who wants to come & share!   Our local Wheatvale School Choir- perform every year!  This year a huge combined choir-Warwick & Wheatvale -congratulations to them all. & Jayne Shelley the Musical Director .  And huge thanks to our local Mayor (Vic Pennissi) for attending! 

There have been some wonderful highlights over the last 12 years! this was surely one! The unveiling of the (Slim Dusty) stone- Anne Kirkpatrick & Diane Lindsay attended- which made it really special- to be able to honor Slim.  Anne adored her Dad ,and she was very moved- we all were i'm sure.   I have shared some very special moments with Slim myself - and I always planned to have him here-but sadly that was not to be-so next best is to honor him with this magnificent Sandstone , his stone.  SLIM & I ACCEPTING OUR AWARDS FOR (PADDY WILLIAM) in 2001

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