Love the story of (Paddy William) what a legend he was! But when I met him at (Turkey Creek) in 1993-on our (Tamworth on Parade ) tour! I had no idea who he was- just an old black man sitting in a 4 wheel drive? But something drew me in- and so he told me his story- I was very taken by this amazing .nearly blind/ old timer- old Ringer- so I wrote the song. Gave it to Slim a while later- and we won (Best Bush Ballad) with it in 2003- Slim loved the song- & we were thrilled to win our Golden Guitars. This version is my own tribute -to a special old Ringer from the Kimberley! so thrilled our paths crossed! Several Award winners on this Album-which was released in 2014. It is one of my best -full of Horse songs- tributes to some of our finest Horses & the people who ride them!