Phil Buddle

President/Coordinator/founding member

Phil comes to this role totally over-qualified - a retired secondary teacher/science master with a passion for all music. He loves the classics, the show tunes, jazz, country and blues. He has toured Australia & overseas with Norma as her manager . Phil boasts a massive library of all genres, of music and is our main Programmer. Programs- Tuesday Australian Country Music from 9am. Original Blues from 7pm. Sunday classics from -1pm

John Elliot

Founding Member- Tech advisor/Presenter

John has had over 25 years managing Community Radio. He is a retired Police Officer with a love for his music. John is a dedicated fan of all good music. Has an amazing knowledge of facts- old hits/statistics/info on Artists from a lifetime of running Community Radio. Johns Programs - Pop Country/old hits from 6pm

Donnie Maher

Founding Member/Presenter

Donnie is a country music tragic, a dedicated Guru, with over 25 yrs as management of Community Radio. His knowledge and love of the music is there for all to see! Donnie loves to support new artists and old artists. If you have any new releases please send them through- contact us here- leave a message! Donnies Programs- Friday from 9am- Donnies Country. Sunday from 9am- Don's Irish Country mix Sunday from 5pm- Don's Country

Norma O'Hara Murphy


This very talented Australian needs no introduction to many country music fans in Australia having won several Gold Guitars, inducted into the Hall of Fame, Australian Celtic Artist of the year, Aria Finalist and many other accolades. Touring internationally through 1995- 1996 her songs have featured on the Melbourne Cup and Qantas Airways promos. Norma is now retired- but still writing and recording. Norma is recognized as one of our best songwriters. This lady brings her own touch to her show on Monday mornings from 9AM on Bony Mountain Radio. Norma also invites any new releases-please send through-leave a message! Text Norma -0493 079 039 A repeat of Mondays show is on again on Tuesday from 9am. Norma does only one show every week-


Promoting Bony Mountain Folk Festival

The Bony Mountain Radio was created back in 2012 to promote & compliment our wonderful Festival. My playlist this morning was as follows- Hill Billy Goats- Bushwackers-Brian Stitt- Ged & Trudy- Anne Kirkpatrick-Slim Dusty- Colorado- Cheryl Anderson- Norma O'Hara Murphy- Terry Bennets, Tom McKivor- Stringloaded, Brett Rostron- Peter Denehy- Andy Penkow- Pete Smokie Dawson- The show will be repeated Thursday morning! Our Doggie parade is so popular- on our Super Sunday!