15 Apr

This is our 13th year of our Festival- so many special moments- thanks to our wonderful Grants Officer- Neil-we now have a permanent Marquee- so an all weather venue! so many highlights over the years- - I hope you were there for them- I am so proud of our team- our wonderful Volunteers- who saddle up every year- some of us are wearing down (specially me) but the passion keeps us going- I like to think Bony Mountain will continue for another 10 years ? or more! We will keep opening our gates and our hearts to anyone who wants to come & share!   Our local Wheatvale School Choir- perform every year! 

There have been some wonderful highlights over the last 12 years! this was surely one! The unveiling of the (Slim Dusty) stone- Anne Kirkpatrick & Diane Lindsay attended- which made it really special- to be able to honor Slim.  Anne adored her Dad ,and she was very moved- we all were i'm sure.   I have shared some very special moments with Slim myself - and I always planned to have him here-but sadly that was not to be-so next best is to honor him with this magnificent Sandstone , his stone.  

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