Sound Engineer/Guitarist

This is one of our most valuable team members- Steve makes us all sound fantastic! love working with this bloke! Also a fine entertainer/performer in his own right. Always great to know he is out the front!

Norma O'Hara Murphy

Co Ordinator./creator

There are several sides to this Songwriter/Storyteller- -her love for the Celtic/Irish flavours have shone through over the years- and Norma continues to write & produce these gems! - in view of this ,Norma will be performing a Celtic set- as well as a Country set! see program ? Norma has a few Golden Guitars- was Female Vocalist twice! won Heritage Award -back in 1989. as well as a few others! but also awarded Australian Celtic Artist of the year-back in 2014- Her Irish roots coming out in her songs!



Norma did several International tours- including UK/China/Japan/Ireland /London This photo of Norma & Son Ben- in China-the photo here-in a magnificent theatre! with several big shows- one in a basketball stadium -over 10,000 -we got used to huge crowds- in Sasebo at the USA Navel base- more like 20,000 -it was an amazing trip.


Celtic Band/Duo

We welcome back the fabulous, Barleyshakes this year! The duo- of Alan Kelly & Kirstin -I know it will be very special- Alan Kelly born in Dublin-is the real mcCoy! and Kirstin makes the fiddle sing! We can expect some great Irish classics-great jigs & reels and so much more!